What is Rhinoplasty?

By | September 25, 2019

Rino – nose, plasti – shape or form consists of the combination of the words and means to the what is rhinoplasty. It is known as nose job in English. In this surgery, the nose back, wings, tip, holes are shaped.

What is Septoplasty?

The septum consists of a combination of the words “cartilage” in front, left and right in the nasal cavity, and bone in the back, which is normally a straight structure, plastic – shape or form. It is an operation that aims to correct septum curvature that causes nasal obstruction. It is also known as cartilage and bone removal from the nose. There is no change in the shape of the nose after this operation performed through the nose. No bruising or swelling is present in this operation since the shape of the nose does not change.

What is septorhinoplasty?

Correcting both problematic (curved, broken cartilage or bone) within the nose is also a surgical procedure to correct the deformity outside the nose (arch, nasal tip, deformation of the nasal wings). In other words, both inside and outside the nose are corrected in this operation.

How much pain do I have after septorhinoplasty / rhinoplasty?

Contrary to popular belief, rhinoplasty is not painful surgery. Although we shape the bones of the nasal ridge by various methods (rasping, nasal side wall bones correction), now used with modern operating room materials, the pain is minimal after surgery. As the pain thresholds differ from person to person, the pain levels will be different in each patient.

What is Rhinoplasty?
What is Rhinoplasty?

How much swelling and bruising will I have after septorhinoplasty / rhinoplasty?

During the surgery, during the filing of the arch on the nasal ridge and shaping of the bones on the edges of the nose, blood leaking from the bone and surrounding soft tissues escapes into the detention pits. This causes bruising and swelling of the upper and lower eyelids after surgery.

The presence of bruising and swelling does not mean that the patient has pain. Bruising and swelling are seen at a minimum level after the use of modern surgical instruments (piezo surgery, lap, motor) and disappear after 5-7 days. Another cause of bruising is that the patient’s skin structure is prone to bruising.

Especially in white-skinned people, we see a little more bruising after surgery.

Will there be a tampon in my nose after septorhinoplasty / rhinoplasty?

Postoperative buffers are often no longer needed. In recent years, silicone splints have been widely used instead of bumpers. Silicone splints are elastic, non-adherent to the tissues, with tubing on which to breathe and are absolutely painless to remove. It is removed by your surgeon on the second and third day of your surgery. Thanks to the pipes on the silicones, you can breathe even after the surgery.

How many hours does septorhinoplasty / rhinoplasty take?

Although it varies according to the problem in the nose, the operation takes 3-4 hours.

When will I be discharged after septorhinoplasty / rhinoplasty?

Patients who feel good postoperatively are discharged on the same day, and patients who want to rest are discharged after 1 night.

What kind of process awaits me after septorhinoplasty / rhinoplasty?

 You will be discharged on the day of surgery or the next day. On the second or third day of your surgery, your doctor will call you to get your silicones in the nose. The splint on the back of the nose is removed on the 5th or 7th day or either replaced and the bands are glued. Ten days later, all bands or splints are removed.

The tip of the nose and the seams within it will fall out within 15-20 days. After that you will be followed up by your doctor and you will be called for a regular check-up.

You can return to your routine life 10 days after surgery. You will not need to wear glasses for 2 months after surgery. You can wash your body 2 days after surgery. You’ll have to have your hair washed at the hair salon. You can take a normal shower 5-6 days after your surgery. 10-15 days after your surgery you can swim in the sea and pool.

From the second day of your surgery, you can eat and drink anything you want. If you have bruises under the eyes, you should not go to the sun or use a hat until the bruises pass. You can fly 10 days after your surgery.

Do I have a chance to see how my nose will look before septorhinoplasty / rhinoplasty?

Before surgery, your doctor will take photos of you and your nose problems will be revealed. Next, a visual simulation program (usually Photoshop) will be performed to the nose surgery. Your doctor will discuss the parts you want to change in your nose and a preferred nose shape will be determined. During the operation, the nose closest to the nose planned will be made.

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