What are the side effects of rhinoplasty?

By | October 21, 2019

Rhinoplasty is the correction of nasal shape and nasal functions that disrupt the surgery appearance of the face is performed within the scope of nasal job. Permanent corrections are made in the bone and cartilage tissues within the nose structure, and changes in both the shape of the nose and the functions are performed. The risks of this surgery are low and quite safe. One of the main objectives of the surgery is that the nose shape is in harmony with the face and there is no respiratory problem. Any changes can be made in a planned manner during the operation. However, in some cases, a second operation, ie revision rhinoplasty surgery, may be necessary after the operation.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Patients may need revision when their problems persist after nose job surgery or when they feel that the problems have not ended. Some of the patients may not like the shape of the new nose, some may experience respiratory problems after surgery. Some patients like the shape of the new nose, but some changes on it wants. All of this should be considered normal. This is because nasal surgery is not a medical requirement, but is done at the request of the person.

The success of nose rhinoplasty is measured by patient satisfaction. Congenital nose structure problems are not so much problem, people who have operated on their own will, even the smallest problem in the nose can worry about. Revision nose job is a challenging process for the patient as well as for the surgeon compared to the previous surgery. However, the surgeon should inform the patient adequately by informing him / her about everything and comforting him / her without loss of confidence. As a result of the revision, the patient needs to make the desired changes.

When is the revision nose job should be done?

Some time is needed to see the new nose shape of the patients coming out of the nose aesthetic job. Initially, it is not possible to see how a nose shape is formed due to swelling and bruising. After they have passed you need to evaluate the shape of the nose. It should be waited within 6-12 months. For revision nose rhinoplasty, new nose shape should be seen exactly. If the second operation decision is taken before this process, the success of the operation will be affected negatively and a more challenging process will be experienced.

Who should do revision nose rhinoplasty?

If there is a need for revision after the nasal job, this should be done by the doctor who has already performed the nasal aesthetic surgery. It is recommended that the same doctor perform the revision operation, especially if there is no problem in recovery after the first operation. This is because the doctor knows the changes made during the first surgery. Your first doctor will know the changes to be made during the revision rhinoplasty. So you can have a more successful operation.

Revision rhinoplasty
Revision rhinoplasty

Why need revision rhinoplasty?

Reasons such as patients wanting the second operation, breathing problems, new nose shape are not as desired may make revision surgery necessary. Because the nasal surgery are custom made and made upon the request of the patient, patient satisfaction is at the forefront. Therefore, only the patient’s request requires revision nose job.

How can tissue needs be met during revision nose job?

In some cases, tissue revision will be needed in revision nasal aesthetic surgery, which helps to make nose-shaped correction created by the previous nose aesthetic surgery. Especially in the second surgery, where cartilage will be needed, it must be met in some way. Because of the use of intranasal cartilages in the previous surgery, cartilage will be needed elsewhere. In such cases, the first choice is the auricle or the cartilage tissues in the ribs.

If cartilage is removed from the auricle, the bandaging of the region for one day will resolve the problem. However, if there is not enough cartilage tissue from the auricle, rib cartilages will be used. Some patients may not want cartilage tissue removed from their body. In this case, cadaver or synthetic cartilage structures can be utilized. However, in this case, the patient’s body may not accept the new tissue, volume decrease or infection problem may occur. The most reliable tissue is the patient’s own. Therefore, patients with revision nasal surgery should prefer this.

Is surgery planned before revision nose job?

In order for this operation to be successful, all operations performed in the first operation are repeated. Therefore, the cosmetic surgeon and the patient should make a new evaluation together and form an operation plan. What changes will be made in the nose structure, which corrections are needed should be determined. If there is a need for tissue, it should be determined where to get it beforehand.

Does revision nasal surgery lead to reconstruction of the nose shape?

The nose structure cannot be re-arranged during revision surgery. Therefore, it is very important that the first nasal aesthetic surgery be performed by an experienced surgeon. The second operation allows only correction of the nose structure.

What is done during revision nose job?

Low nasal cravings: Patients may not be pleased if there is not enough tissue from the nose during the first surgery. This problem is the most common problem after nose aesthetics. In such a problem revision surgery is made easier. Excess tissue from the nose is removed and the patient’s request is fulfilled.

Raised nose request: Because of this reason, if revision surgery will be performed, the operation will be more difficult because of the need for tissue. Lower nose removal is more difficult than lowering the raised nose shape. Therefore, tissue should be taken elsewhere. With the tissue to be placed in the nose, the nose shape desired by the patient is formed.

If the back of the nose is scarce: If the arched structure of the patient’s nose could not be corrected at the desired level, revision nose aesthetics can be performed. In the second surgery, bone and cartilage tissues in the nose are filed and the patient’s request is fulfilled.

If the back of the nose is removed too much: Because of the excess tissue taken on the back of the nose during the first surgery, a second operation may be needed. Because the patient’s nose has a collapsed appearance. During the revision, tissue is taken from other parts of the body and deficiencies are eliminated.

If there is a breathing problem in the nose: All the changes to be made in the first nose aesthetic surgery should be done in a way to protect the nose functions. It is undesirable for the patient to experience respiratory problems due to changes. Because the nose aesthetics on the one hand should eliminate the deformities in the nose, on the other hand should not create breathing problems. Measures should be taken against existing and subsequent respiratory problems. If there is respiratory problem after surgery, revision nose aesthetics is inevitable.