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Septorhinoplasty is the correction of the deformities of the structure called septum in the middle part of the nose which prevents us to breathe through the nose along with the nose job and leads to the curvature of the nose. Deviation of the septum; congenital, later acquired or may result from trauma, the nasal cavity… Read More »

Open Septorhinoplasty

Open septorhinoplasty, Nose surgery is generally performed in two ways. These methods are known as open nose surgery and closed nose surgery. Open nose surgery is the most preferred type of surgery. If a person is going to have nose surgery, he cannot decide for himself whether to have open or closed nose surgery. Now,… Read More »

Closed Septorhinoplasty

Closed Septorhinoplasty A symmetrical face and a harmonious nose are considered to be from the building blocks of beauty. Especially the nose is one of the most important organs that make up this golden ratio due to its shape and structure. The common dream of many men and women is to have a beautiful and… Read More »