Revision Rhinoplasty

By | August 18, 2019

Revision rhinoplasty is a type of nose surgery performed in cases where the targeted results cannot be reached with the nose operation performed for various reasons. 

With the nose revision rhinoplasty:

• Correct the results of failed nasal surgeries.

• In cases where complicated nasal nose job are required, various techniques with and without surgery are used.

• It is a source of hope for patients who are not satisfied with the operations results of previous nasal surgery.

Why Revision Nose Surgery?

An average of 5-10% of the nasal operations performed in the literature require a second correction operation. As a result of excessive removal of the nose cartilage structures during the first surgery, complete nasal support, nasal tip fall or nasal collapse, curvature and distortion of the nose or complete correction, asymmetry of nose tip and wings, over-raised nose or over-engraved nasal back, revision Nasal surgery can be considered as the most common causes.

You may have had a nose job before, and you may be unhappy about it!

Nose Job
Nose Job

How Long Does Revision Rhinoplasty Last?

Depending on the complexity of the primary nasal rhinoplasty, it may take between one and a half and three and a half hours to complete. Generally, it is preferred that the patient is unconscious with general anesthesia, that is, to fully anesthetize the patient. Local injections may sometimes be preferred for minor interventions. The incisions may be made into the nose (closed rhinoplasty) or a small incision (open rhinoplasty) under the tip of the nose. There are times when open rhinoplasty is preferred because it can provide better visibility and better overall results.

After a well planned and applied nose surgery in the hands of an experienced physician, you can get the nose you want. In the studies done, revision rhinoplasty nose rates are below 5 percent.

During revision nasal surgery, you can also give up due to very small millimetric asymmetries or superficial roughness in your nose, in which case these problems can be corrected by very short local procedures. Or you will have collapses in your nose, asymmetries, breathing problems, and cartilage from your ear or rib may need to be removed during the second surgery.

Revision nose surgery prices are determined after the intervention to be performed on the nose area of ​​the patient being examined. For detailed information about revision nose aesthetic prices you can fill in the form and write to the comments section.

Revision Nose Job

Revision nose surgery can be divided into two.

Some of these surgeries are minor surgeries that last for 15-20 minutes and eliminate problems with small touches.

In addition, major revisions are made, which can last 5-6 hours, extra cartilage from the ear or ribs thanks to the nose revision nose operations are reshaping.

How is the recovery period after revision nose job?

Although patients are not happy after having their first surgery, they should wait patiently. If the result after 6-12 months of recovery still makes them unhappy, they should resort to revision nose surgery. When making this decision, they should not approach the issue with fear and remember that the choice of physician is of great importance. As a result of accurate analyzes and meticulously planned surgeries, physicians who are experts in their field, who can establish a healthy communication with their patients, who understand their patients and who are experienced in revision nose operations, can eliminate the problems and unhappiness experienced by the patient before.

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