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By | September 17, 2019

Generally speaking, although the surgical techniques applied in Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty are the same in perfect female nose job and male patients, there are differences in aesthetic targets. While the male face has stronger, angular features, women have a more rounded face shape and more curved face lines.

Numerous differences can be mentioned about ideal male and female noses. Men usually have a flat, convex, larger and broad nose, while women have a more concave and smaller nose.

Recent scientific studies show that a 106-degree slope in the ideal female nose is the optimum angle for the nose. The definition of ideal female nose has been studied by cosmetic surgical authorities for quite a long time and there have been many different attempts.

• According to the latest research, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate and Jessica Biel have the “perfect” nose, which is the “ideal”.

• The angle of the upper lip and the nose tip of 106 degrees provides a feminine image.

• If the angle of the upper lip and the tip of the nose is less than 90 degrees, a masked nose and face image appears longer.

Nose aesthetics is one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries all over the world. Every year, thousands of women are looking for cosmetic opportunities to see themselves better and more aesthetically. Generally, in our female patients, the deformities caused by the nose shapes and the incongruity and disproportion of the nose shape to the face create dissatisfaction.

Nose aesthetic surgery plays an important role in the lives of people socially and psychologically. In particular, our female patients stated that they had a more stable emotional peace after which their confidence increased after nasal aesthetic surgery. In fact, some of our female patients have stated that they see the success of rhinoplasty as an experience that changes their lives.

While some of our female patients benefit from rhinoplasty procedures for the full function of the nasal functions and the correction of minor defects, the main reason for the major majority is purely aesthetic concern.

Nose aesthetic surgery is completely personal. The nature of each nose is different. Therefore, the choice of the surgeon who will perform the surgery is very important. Especially in our female patients, the artistic abilities and surgical skills of the physician are very important in order to give the face a natural and soft appearance. A surgeon will improve your feminine characteristics, make your face look natural and understand the nuances well and accurately, and increase the success rate of the surgery.

As a surgeon, the target for my female patients in the nose aesthetic surgery; to create a beautiful, natural and soft expression, to bring balance and symmetry to the face.

The nose is the most prominent feature of the face and if the shape is not proportional to the face, it will not make a difference regardless of the amount of makeup. The nose plays an important role in the balance of the person’s face, and in rhinoplasty, it is an application to create and improve this balance.

In general, women’s noses are rounded, more refined, thin and narrow. In cases where this is the opposite, that is, the nose is larger, wider, angular, there is a masked and unbalanced facial expression. The aim of rhinoplasty is to give feminine expression to the face.

Nose aesthetic goals in women

• Improved appearance: For many women, the main reason for having nasal aesthetic surgery is that they want improvement in their appearance. Most women are quite surprised to hear that very small changes in the micrometer ratio cause a large percentage change. Female patients who think that their nose is too big, too small, or that they have a nose-shaped disorder, want to benefit from nasal aesthetic surgery where their aesthetic portraits are redrawn.

• Improving functionality: Female patients with deformities of the nose may have vertigo, severe allergy and breathing problems. These problems related to the functionality of the nose will no longer be a problem with nose aesthetic surgery.

Expectations of female patients from nasal esthetics

Women not only want a nice nose with a nice shape, but also a natural nose to fit their faces. The most important expectation of female patients is that the nose is a prominent organ on the face and that it provides a unique and perfect integrity that is compatible with all other parts of the face.

The process of preparation for female nose surgery

Before the nose aesthetic surgery, drugs used as blood thinners should be discontinued. It is important to stop all medications such as painkillers and eyebrow relaxants. I also recommend that my vitamins, alcohol and cigarettes be discontinued at least 1 week before my patients.

Benefits of female nose job

If the nose is an organ located in the middle of the face, the nose will be noticed first. There’s no chance of hiding your nose with makeup tricks or anything else. It is possible for each nose to reach a proper proportion. A very small change that is usually done leads to a great improvement in appearance.

Problems that can be corrected by nose aesthetic surgery;

• Reducing the length or width of the nasal bone

• Lifting or shortening the nasal belt

• Align the nose vertically

• Correction of collapsed nostrils

Five urban legends about nasal surgery ..

1. My dream is to have a nose like Angelina Jolie.

It is very important that the expectations of rhinoplasty patients are realistic. Everyone’s face and nose are unique. A nose like Angelina Jolie’s nose won’t do the same for every woman. For example, a petite woman with a slightly raised nose may be very beautiful, while a taller woman may not look very natural. In summary, the nose should be appropriate to the person’s face shape, image, ethnicity.

2. Will it be immediately understood that I have had a nose surgery?

Of course, the result of a failed surgery; is a natural invisible nose. The most well known example is the raised nose, the tip of which is excessively removed. In such cases there is no need to be a surgeon to understand that the nose was made, everyone will easily realize that it was made. Adaptation of the nose to the face, having a natural and soft expression are the most important factors that make it not look like a made nose and are an important criterion of surgical success.

3. I will have a lot of pain after nasal surgery.

Pain after nasal surgery is not a common condition. The surgery is performed with general anesthesia and the patient will not feel any pain, as the patient is dormant during the operation. Postoperative swelling and bruising around the nose and eyes is normal. Since the painkillers given during anesthesia will be given to the patient after the surgery, the pain may be very mild but it will not be uncomfortable.

4. Nose aesthetic surgery is preferred by women only

According to statistical data, most of the people who have undergone nasal esthetic surgery are women. However, the nasal aesthetic procedure is not only a surgical procedure performed by women. In contrast, nasal aesthetic surgery is one of the most important aesthetic applications that male patients are considering.

5. Nose aesthetic surgery is a very expensive surgery

Nowadays, very big budgets are not necessary for nasal aesthetic surgeries. Excessive demand has significantly affected the appropriateness of budgets. Of course, it will not be right to choose your surgery according to the surgical fee. Doctor fees vary. It will be important to get opinions from several doctors.

Nose Job Before and After Female

Female Nose Job
Female Nose Job
perfect female nose
perfect female nose
non surgical nose job
non surgical nose job
non surgical nose job black woman
non surgical nose job black woman
nose job before and after female
nose job before and after female
female nose job cost
female nose job cost
perfect female nose
perfect female nose

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