First Nose Job

Why aesthetic ratio is important in first nose job? The conditions of aesthetics are proportion and symmetry. Objects lacking these qualities do not appear pleasing to the eye. Here, aesthetic details and first nose job about your nose will be emphasized. After the aesthetic intervention, it will be artificial when results are not found in… Read More »

Liquid Nose Jobs: Everything you need to know about non-surgical rhinoplasty

Leading Turkish aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Op.Dr.Güncel Öztürk answers all questions about nose fillers (liquid nose jobs). Facial rejuvenation and non-surgical facial aesthetic techniques applied to the nose have also started to be applied in the nose, and many questions have been coming from my followers, especially on social media. I wanted to share… Read More »

Nose Tip Rhinoplasty

Nose tip rhinoplasty, the tip of the nose is the most prominent part of the nose and this area is also very important in terms of aesthetics. It consists of the top junction points of two ”n” shaped cartilages that make the nose wings. It has many different types and is also characteristic among races.… Read More »

Natural Nose Job

Aesthetic nose job operations are an indispensable phenomenon in our lives now! The reasons can be discussed but I think the most important reason for this; the desire to impersonate oneself for a more free, more confident and natural atmosphere. If it looks natural nose job. Nose operations have become a situation that is intertwined… Read More »

Celebrity Nose Jobs

Every person has a unique beauty that provokes charm, but there are those who want to look even better and go for celebrity nose jobs. Some, however, are not so lucky with the results and come to repent. Fortunately for these celebrities, they managed to look good after the surgery. If you’re wondering who has… Read More »

Nostril Hair

The air taken from the nose is cleaned by the nose hairs and fresh air is supplied to the body. Dust and particulate particles contained in the air coming into the nostril, which may cause harm to the body, are filtered by the nostril hair in the nose and further moistened. In this way, with… Read More »

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can be caused by a problem in the central nervous system (Central Sleep Apnea) or a blockage of the airways (Obstructive Sleep Apnea). Sometimes these two conditions coexist (Compound Sleep Apnea). In the evaluation of this disease, not only respiratory arrest (apnea) but also respiratory reduction (hypopnea) are taken into account. Problems such… Read More »

Nose Job Nostrils

Nose job nostrils reduction is one of the most common complaints in society. Especially because the nostril is too large, it causes the person to become psychologically disturbed. Preservation of the natural structure of the nostrils is ensured by the process to be corrected image. In particular, the operation of the nose through the removal… Read More »

Aesthetic Nose

When you look at yourself in the mirror imagine a brand new look beautiful and cool nose. This appearance is the most natural right of every individual. You’ve been thinking about this surgery maybe 20, maybe 40 years. Do not be afraid because the pain and bleeding to be feared, swelling has been left behind.… Read More »

Open Septorhinoplasty

Open septorhinoplasty, Nose surgery is generally performed in two ways. These methods are known as open nose surgery and closed nose surgery. Open nose surgery is the most preferred type of surgery. If a person is going to have nose surgery, he cannot decide for himself whether to have open or closed nose surgery. Now,… Read More »

Nasal Growth

Nasal growth: This condition, called rhinophyma, is a condition that causes quite a problem in terms of the appearance of people as a skin problem. Nasal enlargement, which is more common in men than in women, is a condition that can be caused by many reasons. The causes of nasal enlargement, the exact cause of… Read More »

Nose Rhinoplasty

Aesthetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is the most preferable nose job performed by both men and women in our country. Nose Job Surgery Nose job (rhinoplasty) process by changing the structure of cartilage and bones to reshape the nose. In order to create a more aesthetic nose shape, it is sometimes necessary to cut the bones… Read More »

Hyaluronic Acid Nose Job

Nose fillers is also known as non-surgical nose job. Although there are situations where we can get good results, it does not replace the nasal aesthetic surgeries. In cases of minimal protrusions and depressions on the nasal ridge and a slight decrease in the tip of the nose, we apply the hyaluronic acid nose fillers… Read More »

How does a Rhinoplasty work?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to correct some medical problems such as deviation in the nasal septum or to improve only nasal features. To improve their nasal appearance, more than one million people undergo rhinoplasty surgery every year by applying to facial and plastic surgeons. Rhinoplasty is a safe and non-complications procedure which is… Read More »

Revision Nose Rhinoplasty

You have seen people who have had more than one nose rhinoplasty surgery around you. Those who have undergone surgery but are not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance or function of their nose make interviews with many doctors and make an appointment for revision nose rhinoplasty operation. There are necessarily justified reasons, but in fact… Read More »

Preservation Rhinoplasty

In the last decade, the full details of the anatomy of the nose reveal how relevant the anatomy of the nose is to the aesthetics of the nose and surgical techniques. One of the new techniqs Preservation Rhinoplasty. Many important steps have been taken in the long history of rhinoplasty and great progress has been… Read More »

Nasal Deviation

In nasal deviation surgery or septorhinoplasty operations, problems such as nasal congestion and shortness of breath are eliminated together with nasal aesthetic surgery. In this plastic surgery, the nose belt can be removed, the size can be changed, the tip of the nose can be shaped, the nostrils can be reduced. As an ear, nose… Read More »