Nostril Reduction Surgery

By | November 1, 2019

To understand that the person has a perfect nose surgery, the nostril reduction rates should be good. An operated nose gives one of the most important tips through the nostrils.

One of the most important goals in nasal surgery is not to understand that a nose that has been operated in modern plastic surgery. To understand that the person has a nose surgery, the nostril reduction should be good. One of the ways is the natural posture of the nostrils.

The nostrils should be symmetrical and evenly ellipse-like when viewed from the side; The nostrils should retain their oval shape even after surgery. Rounded oval shape is undesirable in nose job because it is a black race and a child-specific geometry.

The nostrils are the structures that are functional as well as aesthetically important for the nose. If it cannot withstand the negative pressure created by the air entering through our nose, the amount of entering air decreases. For this reason, it is very important that the cartilage support of the nasal wings is not damaged after nasal surgery.

In fact, the nostril and surrounding structures form a very complex unit. It is necessary to approach the nose wings consisting of seven parts carefully. The nostril reduction can be performed as part of a complete nose job or can be performed alone. The location and shape of the nose wings surrounding the nostrils causes the nose to be perceived as long or short. For this reason, the nose can be improved by performing reduction.

In the nostril reduction, the size of the nostrils can be reduced and enlarged. Nose wings can be narrowed and changed shape. Fleshy nose wings can be thinned. Math formulas are very important when doing nostril reduction.

For the distance between the two nostrils, we measure the distance between the inner edges of the eye. While the seagull view with open wings is provided at the front view, the nostril aesthetic is completed by obtaining a smooth oval shape.

It is possible to increase the air intake into the nose through cartilage support to the nostrils and to realize that the cartilage support of the nostrils is insufficient in some people who have difficulty in breathing. In these cases, the nasal valve system is usually defective. Botox can be a good solution for the size of the nostrils due to the excessive strength of the nose wing muscles.