Nose tip swelling after rhinoplasty

By | October 7, 2019

Nose tip swelling after nasal surgery, nose tip swelling complaints is one of the most common complications encountered by patients after nose job surgery and is one of the issues that the physician should inform the patient before the nasal aesthetic surgery. Swelling of the tip of the nose should be considered as a normal reaction as the reaction of the nose to the surgical operation. Nasal tip swelling is more common in some patients, while in some patients it occurs as a mild swelling. This situation after nasal aesthetics will resolve itself after a certain period of time. The patient should be more patient during this time. Although nasal tip swelling reaches its highest point within the first 48 hours after nasal surgery, it will spontaneously disappear within 10 days after surgery. It should be borne in mind that the recovery period after nasal aesthetic surgery is not a short process but will take some time. Therefore, even if the nasal swelling heals after the surgery, the patient should be patient and not morale in case the nasal tip swelling does not heal within the same period.

Nose swelling after nose job is usually a temporary condition at the end of nasal aesthetic surgery, and it takes approximately one year for the patient to fully recover after the plastic surgery. It is very important for the patient-physician-patient relationship that the patient who has decided to perform nasal aesthetic surgery knows this well before the surgery. According to the patient’s point of view, there may be complaints that the swelling of the nasal tip is still present even after sufficient time has elapsed, and he may feel swelling when touching his nose and especially the nasal tip. However, this is not a condition to be worried about, and after the nasal aesthetic surgery, it takes approximately six months to one year for the nose to return to its normal state. There are many factors that affect the healing process. These factors generally include many factors such as the skin structure of the aesthetic patient, the technique of the surgical operation performed, and the age of the patient who underwent surgery. Considering all these, the patient who has plastic surgery should not be concerned about the nasal tip swelling and should take into consideration the advice given by the physician about this process. After the operation, the nose should be kept away from all kinds of blows from the outside until the healing process is completed and all necessary treatments recommended by the physician should be performed after the nose rhinoplasty.