Non Surgical Nose Fillers

By | August 29, 2019

I seem to hear those who read this title saying, Is there any more aesthetic nose fillers? In this article, I will try to explain the subject in detail so that the subject is misunderstood and not exposed to bad practices by non-experts. Let’s answer your first question as soon as you start the topic: Yes, there will be non surgical nose fillers. Now we can go into details.

What is the application of nasal filling with non surgical nose fillers?

Nasal filling is the name given to the use of fillings used by facial surgeons in facial rejuvenation and non-surgical facial aesthetic applications in various parts of the face in the nose area. In other words, the procedure is a facial filler application and takes place in aesthetic applications without surgery. When this is the case, all the basic principles of face filling apply here.

Non Surgical Nose Fillers
Non Surgical Nose Fillers

What are the basic facial filling principles that should be known for nasal filling?

The procedure is non-surgical, does not require general anesthesia, the results are temporary, the application is about 10-15min. and normal daily life is continued after application, no recovery period is needed.

What materials are used in nasal filling applications?

As with other facial fillings, different medical materials are used in the nasal fillings. Of these, the most common and most reliable one worldwide is yal hyaluronic acid derivatives. Although many different hyaluronic acid derivatives are available on the market, I prefer uv Juvederm hyaluronic acid derivatives, because both the stability of the product is more assured and the patient safety is ensured at the highest level.

What is the average permanence of the non surgical nose fillers?

Depending on the type of Juvederm used, the amount of filler and the biological processes of the person, the durability of the filler varies between 6 and 18 months. In other words, as a result of nasal surgery performed in 10-15 minutes with nasal filling, it continues up to 18 months. If the effect of the filling has passed, that is, after the filling has melted, it is continued as a result of nasal aesthetics obtained by repeated applications. Or, if the patient wants a permanent result, the result will be made permanent by nasal esthetic surgery.

What can be done with nose filling?

• Nose curvature can be completely removed or lightened
• Nose tip can be removed
• Nose asymmetries can be corrected
• Nose aesthetic surgery problems can be eliminated
• Nose lip junction can be highlighted
• Nose back can be straightened
• Correct forehead relationship
• Nose blade notching can be corrected

For all these applications and other procedures not mentioned here, the patient should be examined and analyzed in detail.

Can the nose function be improved with nose filling?

Anatomical problems such as septum curvature, turbinate hypertrophies, valve failure, which cause severe breathing problems, cannot be solved with nasal filling. However, I have had patients who reported improvement in breathing due to partial correction of the valve angle in nasal filling applications. In other words, functional improvement can be expected in nasal fillings, although not very often.

Can nasal fillings be applied to previously operated noses?

In cases where the desired results cannot be obtained after the operation, it is possible to solve the problems with nasal filling applications. Thus, the problem is solved with a simple application in patients who do not want to have surgery again.

Is there any pain in nasal filling?

There is an anesthetic substance in the filling that we use in the process. In addition, anesthetic cream application before the procedure and the application of special coolant during the process is provided to be painless.

What are the side effects of nasal filling?

All possible side effects of facial fillings apply to nasal fillings. Allergic reactions, bleeding, infection, granuloma formation are among these complications. It is important to note that in experienced hands and when used appropriately, the complication rate is negligible.

Who should fill in the nose?

Nasal filling should be performed by an aesthetic surgery specialist who is experienced in nose anatomy and nose aesthetics. Failure to do so may result in extremely grave consequences.

Is there permanent nasal filling?

It is objectionable to use permanent or non-melting products for nasal filling. The use of these products can result in extremely difficult or even impossible results in compensation. For this reason, it is extremely important that the product used for nasal filling is a soluble product and that a known filler brand is preferred. The 5-to-10-year retention periods should not be respected for products unknown to the market.

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