How is the nose fillers operation performed?

By | August 26, 2019

Nose filling is one of the most popular procedures recently. It is the remodeling of the areas needed by the nose using nose fillers. It is also called as nasal surgery without surgery. Nasal filling is preferred for correction of deformities after surgery (rhinoplasty) because of its promising results.

The most important points to be considered when deciding the filler nose job are the person’s expectation, whether there is a need for surgery and whether there is a suitable nasal structure for the nasal filling procedure. We can obtain the desired image with hyaluronic acid filler in people with slight shape problem in nose, very low nasal tip, and a small belt.

What is the ideal nose shape?

When assessing nasal tip lowness, it is necessary to evaluate the desired gold percentages. The angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip should be 95-115 degrees. If the ratio of the person has fallen below 90 degrees; The ideal aesthetic angle between the root of the nose and the face should be between 30-40 degrees. Lips; it should fall behind the imaginary straight line between the tip of the nose and the tip of the chin.

Nasal filling application is a comfortable, safe procedure, but it will increase the success rate in experienced hands. Application is done within 15 minutes and the result is seen at the end of the process. The person is seen again within 10-15 days for control purposes. Although it varies from individual to individual, it has an average persistence of 12 months. Repeated applications are known to be an important factor in increasing the duration of retention.

As a result; nasal fillings should not be seen as an alternative to nasal esthetics for everyone. Do not hesitate to contact to for all your questions and curiosities about nasal surgery without surgery.

Usually fillings are applications that last up to a year. However, since the nose area is not a mobile area, it can be permanent even after a few applications. You know that the earliest results after nasal surgery are in the second week and in the first month.

But in fact, we get our full results in a year. Unfortunately, some of our patients may be impatient during this one-year waiting period. I mean, what’s going on? For example, if you lay on the right side in the morning, the other side can swell up if you lay on the left side. It might make him think his nose looks crooked.

Another thing is that it takes time for nasal skin to settle, bone structure to settle, and edema to go away. This again creates problems. It is possible for us to get through this period easily by filling the problems of the people with tiny fills and indentations.

The process is too short. After applying the local anesthetic cream, wait for about 10 minutes and apply the procedure. However, the person who will perform this operation in the people who have surgery must necessarily be a doctor who performs surgery. Because after the nose surgery, the nose anatomy is also partially changed. The doctor who knows the new anatomy. The amount and thickness of the applied sealant must be taken into consideration. You need not to think in the form of a very simple injection this application.

As a result; temporary nose fillers can be applied to the people who do not want to have surgery, if the nose structure is suitable, provided that they do not see the nose filling as an alternative to nose aesthetics for everyone.

One of the most popular areas in the field of non-surgical aesthetic procedures is the nose. Nasal filling application is a nose shaping process that is popular as non-surgical nasal aesthetics. Nasal filling is performed in cases where the nose has a disproportionate appearance for a variety of reasons or in patients suitable for minimal adjustments after aesthetic nose surgery.

Nose Fillers
Nose Fillers

Nose Fillers Processing Time

Having an aesthetic nose with nose filling is not an application that requires a long time. The nasal filling, which is performed as a non-surgical nasal aesthetic procedure, takes only 15-20 minutes. Redness and swelling may occur during the first 2 days. With the regression of the edema and the settling of the shape, the desired appearance can be achieved within 3-4 days. A control can be performed at the end of 2 weeks and the result is permanent for approximately 12 months.

Nasal filling is an easy procedure, short application and painless because it is a method that many people resort to. It is a facial aesthetic application which is easy and can be done again.

Non-surgical nose aesthetics, nose fillers prices will vary according to the doctor performing the procedure and the clinic where the procedure will take place and the size of the procedure to be performed. To get information about nasal surgery with nasal filling, you can forward your questions on our forms or numbers.

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