Hologram Nose Job

By | October 15, 2019

Hologram nose job imaging technique for pre- and post-simulations showing recommendations for the new shape of the nose in nasal surgeries. Hologram technology is the three-dimensional image of the original shape of your nose, showing you the actual shape of your nose after surgery with the real three-dimensional record. In other words, hologram nasal aesthetics is the process of recording, storing and visualizing 3-D visual information about your nasal aesthetics and transferring them to the multidimensional environment with the effect of motion and showing them to you before surgery.

Hologram is used to help you get an idea of ​​how your nose will look after your rhinoplasty surgery using nose aesthetics, that is, advanced 3D imaging technology.

Hologram nose technique shows new shape of nose

The question of how the new shape, which is the most curious subject in all surgical operations, is much more important in the nose that attracts all the attention at first glance because it is right in the middle of the face.

With the hologram nose aesthetics, patients can exchange ideas about how new nose shapes will be before entering the surgery, they can enter the surgery by feeling much safer, they do not encounter any unexpected surprises after the surgery and they can pass the healing process more patiently.

How is Hologram Nose Job Applied?

Hologram recognizes nasal aesthetics as creating personalized face and nose simulations designed to reflect ideal holistic aesthetic goals. For this application, the original nose and face photograph of the patient is photographed with a 3D camera from various angles. These images are uploaded to a computer and the changes to the nose are digitally designed with a special software program and then all the data is reflected to the hologram again with a special device. The patient can see the nose shape in three dimensions from a 360-degree angle through the image closest to the reality.

What are the Advantages of Hologram Nose job?

The most important advantage of hologram nose aesthetics is that it strengthens the communication and exchange of ideas between the surgeon and the patient. The patient decides more clearly what kind of nose he wants, and can describe the nose he imagined more accurately. The Cosmetic Surgeon can show how well the patient’s demands are compatible with the overall face through images.

Holographic nose rhinoplasty is a high-tech and comfortable service that is used to have the most compatible nose shape with the face and shape in rhinoplasty operations.

Hologram Nose Job
Hologram Nose Job