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Nostril Reduction Surgery

To understand that the person has a perfect nose surgery, the nostril reduction rates should be good. An operated nose gives one of the most important tips through the nostrils. One of the most important goals in nasal surgery is not to understand that a nose that has been operated in modern plastic surgery. To… Read More »

Nose reduction exercises at home

The position of your nose bothers you, but are you afraid to lie under the knife? It is possible to shape your nose without any surgery with simple movements for nose reduction exercises. Does your nose shape bother you when you look in the mirror? You can change the shape of your nose with these… Read More »

Nose Job Nostrils

Nose job nostrils reduction is one of the most common complaints in society. Especially because the nostril is too large, it causes the person to become psychologically disturbed. Preservation of the natural structure of the nostrils is ensured by the process to be corrected image. In particular, the operation of the nose through the removal… Read More »

Nostril Reduction

The shape, size and proportion of the nostrils and nose wings with other parts of the nose are very important for an aesthetic nose. Especially in the nostril reductions operations, the removal of the excess of the nasal wings and the reduction of the nostrils is one of the basic steps of the surgery. Nasal… Read More »