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Nose job prices

Nose job prices instantly change instantly with similar criteria anywhere in the world. The most important of these criteria; is the trust of the surgeon who will perform your surgery on himself and the results of his operation. If such an operation is performed within the framework of health tourism, transportation, accommodation and similar expenses… Read More »

Hologram Nose Job

Hologram nose job imaging technique for pre- and post-simulations showing recommendations for the new shape of the nose in nasal surgeries. Hologram technology is the three-dimensional image of the original shape of your nose, showing you the actual shape of your nose after surgery with the real three-dimensional record. In other words, hologram nasal aesthetics… Read More »

Bad smell after nasal surgery

A bad smell may occur in the nose for 3-4 months after nasal aesthetic surgery. This smell can be defined by patients as the smell of burns, the smell of something rotten, the smell of inflammation, the smell of soot. This smell is not taken from the outside and not in every patient. The reason… Read More »

Watch out for a natural nose job

With the arrival of the spring months, the interest in nose job operations is increasing with the desire to look more beautiful in the summer. However, in order to have a healthy and natural nose job, some important details need attention. Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Department experts gave information about those who should pay attention… Read More »

Perfect Female Nose Job

Generally speaking, although the surgical techniques applied in Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty are the same in perfect female nose job and male patients, there are differences in aesthetic targets. While the male face has stronger, angular features, women have a more rounded face shape and more curved face lines. Numerous differences can be mentioned about ideal male… Read More »

Nose Trapezoid Surgery

Nose Trapezoid Surgery In human anatomy, the airways in the nose are normally flat. The appearance of the nose from the outside is flat. Otherwise, problems arise. Deformations of the nose resulting from a congenital or an accident occur in the image of the nose trapezoid. Regardless of the cause, skewers in the nose make… Read More »

Nose Surgery

Nose surgery is one of the most applied surgical procedures in the world. Since the nose is in the middle of the face and makes an effective contribution to the beauty of the face, the internal and external deformities of the nose, which are found to be aesthetically problematic and also cause health problems, are… Read More »

First Nose Job

Why aesthetic ratio is important in first nose job? The conditions of aesthetics are proportion and symmetry. Objects lacking these qualities do not appear pleasing to the eye. Here, aesthetic details and first nose job about your nose will be emphasized. After the aesthetic intervention, it will be artificial when results are not found in… Read More »

Natural Nose Job

Aesthetic nose job operations are an indispensable phenomenon in our lives now! The reasons can be discussed but I think the most important reason for this; the desire to impersonate oneself for a more free, more confident and natural atmosphere. If it looks natural nose job. Nose operations have become a situation that is intertwined… Read More »

Nostril Hair

The air taken from the nose is cleaned by the nose hairs and fresh air is supplied to the body. Dust and particulate particles contained in the air coming into the nostril, which may cause harm to the body, are filtered by the nostril hair in the nose and further moistened. In this way, with… Read More »

Aesthetic Nose

When you look at yourself in the mirror imagine a brand new look beautiful and cool nose. This appearance is the most natural right of every individual. You’ve been thinking about this surgery maybe 20, maybe 40 years. Do not be afraid because the pain and bleeding to be feared, swelling has been left behind.… Read More »

Nasal Growth

Nasal growth: This condition, called rhinophyma, is a condition that causes quite a problem in terms of the appearance of people as a skin problem. Nasal enlargement, which is more common in men than in women, is a condition that can be caused by many reasons. The causes of nasal enlargement, the exact cause of… Read More »

Nasal Deviation

In nasal deviation surgery or septorhinoplasty operations, problems such as nasal congestion and shortness of breath are eliminated together with nasal aesthetic surgery. In this plastic surgery, the nose belt can be removed, the size can be changed, the tip of the nose can be shaped, the nostrils can be reduced. As an ear, nose… Read More »

Male Nose Job

The principles of nasal esthetics in male nose job indicate diversity from women. In order not to create a feminine appearance, the lip-nose angle, interventions on the nasal back and interventions on the nasal bones should be planned differently for women. In men, the cavity to be created on the back of the nose causes… Read More »

Best Nose Jobs

Best nose jobs (rhinoplasty) is the most aesthetic surgery performed by both women and men in the World. An organ that needs to be treated as a whole inside and outside the nose. It would be wrong to think that aesthetic problems are separate from functional problems and need separate treatments. For example, if a… Read More »

Nose Operations Benefits

With the increasing prosperity in the world and in our country, with the disappearance of the basic needs of people such as dressing and shelter, the relatively secondary needs such as acceptance in society and looking beautiful started to take effect. Sectors such as cosmetics, apparel and aesthetics came to the forefront. The development and… Read More »

Male Rhinoplasty

What should be considered in Male Rhinoplasty? Today, the demand for aesthetic surgery is undeniable. Especially nose operations, other aesthetic operations, we can say that the first place. In fact, male rhinoplasty has become popular among male patients in recent years. When every man and woman looks in the mirror, they want to see a… Read More »

Male Nose Job

When it comes to male nose job, many people are often hesitant. The main reason for this is that men have a feminine appearance concern. The most curious issue of our male patients is whether the aesthetics of the nose in men will be confronted with the appearance of the nose of the nose, which… Read More »

Closed Septorhinoplasty

Closed Septorhinoplasty A symmetrical face and a harmonious nose are considered to be from the building blocks of beauty. Especially the nose is one of the most important organs that make up this golden ratio due to its shape and structure. The common dream of many men and women is to have a beautiful and… Read More »

Aesthetic Nose

The conditions of aesthetics are proportion and symmetry. Objects lacking these qualities do not appear pleasing to the eye. Here, aesthetic nose details about our nose will be emphasized. After the aesthetic intervention, it will be artificial when results are not found in nature. It is obvious that the small nose of the people who… Read More »