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Nose Tip Reduction

In some noses, the problem is only at the tip of the nose, or the person simply wants the tip of the nose instead of a full nose. The nasal tip surgery can usually be performed under local anesthesia. In addition to reshaping the tip of the nose, operations such as lifting, shrinking or shortening… Read More »

When is the Revision Rhinoplasty with Nose Fillers Preferred Instead of Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery?

The recently published article “The Art of Camouflage: When Can a Revision Rhinoplasty Be Nonsurgical” includes the following brief information about revision rhinoplasty and and revision rhinoplasty with nose fillers.: “It is known that rhinoplasty operations have revision rates between 5-20%. Surgical revisions involve the risk of anesthesia and scarring. The revision may offer non-surgical… Read More »

Nose Injection

What is the Best nose injection Material? Dermal fillers nose are gel-like substances that are injected under the skin to correct loss volume, smooth fine lines and deep wrinkles, or to correct facial contours. Each dermal filler is specially formulated to have a specific texture, density and nose injection depth, and specific fillers are more… Read More »

Nose fillers before and after photos

You can reach your dream nose without surgery. Hyaluronic acid fillers, which have been used in facial rejuvenation and non-surgical nose job for many years, are also safely applied on the nose.Let’s see the 50 nose fillers before-and-afters photos. What are the nose fillers? Straighten the back of the nose Eliminate the curvature of the… Read More »

Liquid Nose Jobs: Everything you need to know about non-surgical rhinoplasty

Leading Turkish aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Op.Dr.Güncel Öztürk answers all questions about nose fillers (liquid nose jobs). Facial rejuvenation and non-surgical facial aesthetic techniques applied to the nose have also started to be applied in the nose, and many questions have been coming from my followers, especially on social media. I wanted to share… Read More »

Hyaluronic Acid Nose Job

Nose fillers is also known as non-surgical nose job. Although there are situations where we can get good results, it does not replace the nasal aesthetic surgeries. In cases of minimal protrusions and depressions on the nasal ridge and a slight decrease in the tip of the nose, we apply the hyaluronic acid nose fillers… Read More »

Non Surgical Nose Fillers

I seem to hear those who read this title saying, Is there any more aesthetic nose fillers? In this article, I will try to explain the subject in detail so that the subject is misunderstood and not exposed to bad practices by non-experts. Let’s answer your first question as soon as you start the topic:… Read More »

How is the nose fillers operation performed?

Nose filling is one of the most popular procedures recently. It is the remodeling of the areas needed by the nose using nose fillers. It is also called as nasal surgery without surgery. Nasal filling is preferred for correction of deformities after surgery (rhinoplasty) because of its promising results. The most important points to be… Read More »

Nose Fillers

Nose filling, also known as nose job surgery, refers to changes in the shape of the nose without surgical intervention. This procedure usually involves the injection of skin fillers.