Bad smell after nasal surgery

By | October 5, 2019

A bad smell may occur in the nose for 3-4 months after nasal aesthetic surgery. This smell can be defined by patients as the smell of burns, the smell of something rotten, the smell of inflammation, the smell of soot. This smell is not taken from the outside and not in every patient. The reason for this smell is the melting yarns in the nose.

After which operations can there be a bad smell in the nose?

After all nasal surgery, nasal odor may develop. This can occur in any surgery where sutures are sutured into the nose as this is related to the suture materials used. The most common surgery for bad smell is rhinoplasty surgery. The reason for this is that the surgery we use most frequently is the esthetics of the nose.

Why does the smell of bad smell become more common in women?

Since women’s sense of smell is more developed than men, women feel this smell more.

Can anyone smell that?

Only the person who has surgery can smell it. Certainly no one else can feel this smell from the outside. If there is an odor that can be felt from the outside, it may be a precursor to infection. In this case, you should consult your doctor.

Why doesn’t every patient smell bad after nasal surgery?

Today, almost all doctors use molten yarns when performing nasal esthetics. These yarns melt and disappear between 20-180 days. It may smell until the melting time expires. There is no bad smell in every patient because these sutures used in the surgery often remain on the operation site. So they do not come into contact with air in the nose. If these yarns come into contact with the air, they may smell bad.

What should people with a bad smell feel?

Saline sprays to clean the nose or clean the inside of the nose with seawater sprays will be very useful. Nevertheless, these yarns may be intermittently odorless before they melt and disappear.

How long does it start after surgery?

Approximately 2-3 weeks after the nose aesthetic surgery may begin to smell. It can last for 3-4 months on average. In a very rare patient, the odor duration may extend up to 6 months.

The information contained herein may vary for each individual patient. You should ask your doctor about these odors that disturb you.

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