Nose Tip Reduction

In some noses, the problem is only at the tip of the nose, or the person simply wants the tip of the nose instead of a full nose. The nasal tip surgery can usually be performed under local anesthesia. In addition to reshaping the tip of the nose, operations such as lifting, shrinking or shortening… Read More »

Nostril Reduction Surgery

To understand that the person has a perfect nose surgery, the nostril reduction rates should be good. An operated nose gives one of the most important tips through the nostrils. One of the most important goals in nasal surgery is not to understand that a nose that has been operated in modern plastic surgery. To… Read More »

Nose job prices

Nose job prices instantly change instantly with similar criteria anywhere in the world. The most important of these criteria; is the trust of the surgeon who will perform your surgery on himself and the results of his operation. If such an operation is performed within the framework of health tourism, transportation, accommodation and similar expenses… Read More »

What are the side effects of rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is the correction of nasal shape and nasal functions that disrupt the surgery appearance of the face is performed within the scope of nasal job. Permanent corrections are made in the bone and cartilage tissues within the nose structure, and changes in both the shape of the nose and the functions are performed. The… Read More »

Hologram Nose Job

Hologram nose job imaging technique for pre- and post-simulations showing recommendations for the new shape of the nose in nasal surgeries. Hologram technology is the three-dimensional image of the original shape of your nose, showing you the actual shape of your nose after surgery with the real three-dimensional record. In other words, hologram nasal aesthetics… Read More »


Septorhinoplasty is the correction of the deformities of the structure called septum in the middle part of the nose which prevents us to breathe through the nose along with the nose job and leads to the curvature of the nose. Deviation of the septum; congenital, later acquired or may result from trauma, the nasal cavity… Read More »

When is the Revision Rhinoplasty with Nose Fillers Preferred Instead of Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery?

The recently published article “The Art of Camouflage: When Can a Revision Rhinoplasty Be Nonsurgical” includes the following brief information about revision rhinoplasty and and revision rhinoplasty with nose fillers.: “It is known that rhinoplasty operations have revision rates between 5-20%. Surgical revisions involve the risk of anesthesia and scarring. The revision may offer non-surgical… Read More »

Nose tip swelling after rhinoplasty

Nose tip swelling after nasal surgery, nose tip swelling complaints is one of the most common complications encountered by patients after nose job surgery and is one of the issues that the physician should inform the patient before the nasal aesthetic surgery. Swelling of the tip of the nose should be considered as a normal… Read More »

Bad smell after nasal surgery

A bad smell may occur in the nose for 3-4 months after nasal aesthetic surgery. This smell can be defined by patients as the smell of burns, the smell of something rotten, the smell of inflammation, the smell of soot. This smell is not taken from the outside and not in every patient. The reason… Read More »

Watch out for a natural nose job

With the arrival of the spring months, the interest in nose job operations is increasing with the desire to look more beautiful in the summer. However, in order to have a healthy and natural nose job, some important details need attention. Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Department experts gave information about those who should pay attention… Read More »

Nose Injection

What is the Best nose injection Material? Dermal fillers nose are gel-like substances that are injected under the skin to correct loss volume, smooth fine lines and deep wrinkles, or to correct facial contours. Each dermal filler is specially formulated to have a specific texture, density and nose injection depth, and specific fillers are more… Read More »

Nose fillers before and after photos

You can reach your dream nose without surgery. Hyaluronic acid fillers, which have been used in facial rejuvenation and non-surgical nose job for many years, are also safely applied on the nose.Let’s see the 50 nose fillers before-and-afters photos. What are the nose fillers? Straighten the back of the nose Eliminate the curvature of the… Read More »

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rino – nose, plasti – shape or form consists of the combination of the words and means to the what is rhinoplasty. It is known as nose job in English. In this surgery, the nose back, wings, tip, holes are shaped. What is Septoplasty? The septum consists of a combination of the words “cartilage” in… Read More »

5 Problems That Require Revision Nose Surgery

Some undesirable results may occur in 7-10% of aesthetic nose revision surgery. After these operations, a second revision surgery can become inevitable. In revision operations, besides the deformity, aesthetic and functional problems in the nose can be corrected. However, the revision surgery for at least 9 months after the first surgery, if possible, even a… Read More »

Revision Nose Job

Revision Nose Job, a pleasant expression and an attractive face. All these criteria are considered the building blocks of beauty. Especially nose, shape and structure is one of the most important organs that make up this golden ratio on the face. Although the concept of beauty varies from person to person when it comes to… Read More »

Nose reduction exercises at home

The position of your nose bothers you, but are you afraid to lie under the knife? It is possible to shape your nose without any surgery with simple movements for nose reduction exercises. Does your nose shape bother you when you look in the mirror? You can change the shape of your nose with these… Read More »

Perfect Female Nose Job

Generally speaking, although the surgical techniques applied in Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty are the same in perfect female nose job and male patients, there are differences in aesthetic targets. While the male face has stronger, angular features, women have a more rounded face shape and more curved face lines. Numerous differences can be mentioned about ideal male… Read More »

Nose Trapezoid Surgery

Nose Trapezoid Surgery In human anatomy, the airways in the nose are normally flat. The appearance of the nose from the outside is flat. Otherwise, problems arise. Deformations of the nose resulting from a congenital or an accident occur in the image of the nose trapezoid. Regardless of the cause, skewers in the nose make… Read More »

Nose Surgery

Nose surgery is one of the most applied surgical procedures in the world. Since the nose is in the middle of the face and makes an effective contribution to the beauty of the face, the internal and external deformities of the nose, which are found to be aesthetically problematic and also cause health problems, are… Read More »